Forensic Engineering and Investigations

Forensic Engineering Expert

Du Métier is a private forensic engineering company and is based in South Africa. Du Métier specialises in road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction.

Added to this, we offer metallurgical analysis in cases where the possibility of mechanical failure exists.

This is to support the findings in the reconstruction of the accident scene. We also assist in determining the causes of vehicle / mechanical fires.

Forensic Investigations

We also offer our service to Law and Order organisations, such as the South African Police Service and other government investigation teams for the investigation of vehicle theft and fraud where vehicles are involved.

Experienced forensic engineers and forensic technicians, with the applicable technical qualifications do our investigations and the actual accident reconstruction.

Justice Prevails
Collision Scene Investigation Training

We offer professional services to lawyers, transport companies, law enforcement agencies and manufacturers with a base of experienced and duly qualified forensic and occupational health and safety experts.

Du Métier also presents the Basic Collision Scene Investigation and Advanced Collision Scene Investigation courses on a regular basis based upon years of experience in these fields and ensuring it adheres to South African Criminal Procedure requirements as well as scientific and mathematical international standards.