Tyres which are properly maintained will be safer and will last longer than those which are neglected. Proper care and maintenance starts with the fitting of tyres to the vehicle. If not fitted properly tyres can be damaged. This will lead to a shortened tyred life or it can cause unsafe conditions for the road user.


  • Proper lubricants should be used when fitting tyres on rims
  • Make sure that the tyre is seated correctly
  • Make sure that the rims are clean before the tyre is fitted
  • In the case of multiple piece rims broken or worn components… Continue reading

Drinking and driving is a world-wide problem. Although we are all aware of the dangers in drinking and driving, society at large regard it as socially acceptable. It is important to note that with the diminished skill of the driver under the influence of alcohol the reactions of the drunk driver is noticably slower. This means that in a very high percentage of accidents, the accident is directly caused by the intoxicated driver, but it also means that in cases where the accident is initially caused by the other party, the intoxicated driver will have a smaller chance of succesfully… Continue reading

Although under-rated as a cause of accidents, driver fatigue contributes to a large proporsion of the road deaths each year. A number of studies clearly indicate that the ability the driver to properly handle a vehicle decreases as fatigue increases. A driver that suffers from fatigue can be just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

The effect of driver fatigue can clearly be seen in cases where a monitoring sytem such as a tachograph or electronic fleet management system is installed on the vehicle. The sad part is that we usually examine this information after someone was killed in an… Continue reading