ISO 9000 Services

ISO 9000 Services are supplied to Transport Companies that are serious about the safety of their vehicles. As ISO 9000 is a complete quality control system, it is ideal for a transport company. It ensures traceability of components, documents and maintenance procedures.

If implemented it will ensure that all records of all vehicles are readily available when the need arises.

ISO 9000 Services
Due to it being a quality control system, the quality of the maintenance will be ensured and it will ensure peace of mind for the passengers, or those who want their goods transported.
As the client will be sure about a transport company with an ISO 9000 rating, he would prefer to use such a Transport Company. It is therefore also an effective marketing tool.
From the background of Accident Investigation and Reconstruction, Du Métier has identified certain problems common to Transport operations. This includes the traceability of documentation and the lack of proper maintenance records. Even if vehicle were serviced according to the pre-determined schedules, the documentation was not completed, or the documentation disappeared. With the ISO 9000 quality assurance system, a fool-proof maintenance and documentation system can be implemented so that these problems are eliminated.
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