Vehicle Fleet Audits

We supply fleet auditing services to the Transport Industry. The audit includes the overview of the current company policy regarding the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. This is compared to the ideal situation and processes. Vehicle Fleet Audits

The differences are examined and suggestions are made concerning the ideal fleet and record management system. After the initial audit, follow-up work will be done to monitor the processes implemented.

The audit will include the statistical analysis of the maintenance system.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Audit will include the following:

  • Audit of vehicle maintenance records
  • Audit of recording of data
  • Audit of tyre maintenance/records
  • Inspection on a representative random sample of vehicles for overall roadworthiness
  • Inspection of random sample of tyres fitted on vehicles
  • Checking of brake systems, including all relevant aspects

The Report will include the following:

  • Complete report on current maintenance systems
  • Complete breakdown of possible problems
  • Suggestions for overcoming of any problems

Monitoring of Processes

Vehicle Fleet Audit Report

After compliance with the standards as set by us, Du Métier will issue a written certificate to confirm that the company complies with these standards. Du Métier will also guarantee backing for these processes and procedures in a Court of Law, if necessary.

The certificate issued by Du Métier will also be valid for a period of six (6) months, and will be renewed after subsequent audits.


This certificate is not an official document, but a guarantee of professional and independent backing in Court cases, where the maintenance of the vehicle fleet may be the issue.
(It is important to note that all companies are subjected to financial audits, where financial auditors check the financial statements of the company for large amounts of money. While spending this amount on the financial administration process, companies do not spend any amount on confirmation of the status of their core business.)

While it is true that the vehicles are tested every six to twelve months for their Certificate of Fitness, it is also true that the COF’s can be obtained by using dishonest means. This means that the COF itself is not a guarantee of a safe and professional service. This situation can be remedied by the use of external auditors that will do complete and independent audits on the bus fleet.